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About The Authors

Leta Herman is an author, Five Elements and Chinese Medicine teacher, nationally certified acupressure practitioner, and co-author of The Energy of Love (Llewellyn 2014). She has immersed herself in the philosophies of Daoism, Alchemical Healing, and Chinese Medicine, as well as many other healing modalities. A Smith College graduate and past nationally syndicated journalist, Herman has devoted the past 15 years to learning everything possible about the Five Elements. In other aspects of life, Leta is also a world explorer who speaks multiple languages, loves life, her family, and a challenging game of Boggle.

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Jaye McElroy is an author, photographer, business entrepreneur, and co-author of The Energy of Love (Llewellyn 2014) . She has completely integrated the Five Elements into her unique practice as a Five Element Life Coach. McElroy combines her career in advertising, business, and writing with the Five Elements to help people manifest their true potential in life. She considers herself a humble student of life, love, her dog Dax and of course the Five Elements. It has recently been discovered that one of her secret wishes in life is to travel through time and space in the Tardis with the Doctor.

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